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We may not be the best… but we always do our best!

And very often, for our customers, our best is better than anything they’ve ever experienced! And we owe that customer loyalty to our amazing founder, whose constant attention to perfection has endeared us to our customers.

Our Services

Constant Courier Pte. Ltd. has built its business model around a wide range of personalised services.

From same day motorbike delivery services, scheduled pickups and deliveries, pre-arranged contracted pickups and drop-offs, or even van and lorry services, our team can handle it all. Whether you are looking for a one-off delivery; or whether you need a commitment for a long-term contract – the Constant Courier Team is here to service your needs.

The key difference with us, compared to some of the competition, is that our services are personalised to your needs. An early morning pickup? Late night pickup on wekeends? You dictate the time, place and type of service, and we strive hard to provide you exactly what you request. That’s our commitment to you!

  • Personal, door-to-door, office-to-office and business-to-business deliveries
  • Urgent delivery of documents and packages
  • Same-day pickup and delivery services
  • Delivery of important documents, such as Visa and Passport application forms
  • Secure delivery of confidential documents, such as corporate correspondence, lawyers documents etc.
  • Pickup and delivery of sensitive documents, such as medical records, banking, financial or business classified documents and packages
  • Regular pickups and distribution of items such as Newspapers, Newsletters, Magazines and Flyers